July 29 , 2003 JMail Pro released! This version solved problem where mail is undeliverable to some servers that incorrectly implement the SMTP command pipelining feature.
July 18 , 2003 JMail Pro released! This version improved MX record search method specially for customer who are using Streamyx and send email direct to the receiver host. If you are using Streamyx and having problem to send email, please download and install this version.
June 30 , 2003 JMail Pro released! This latest release Implementation of a retry queue for remote outgoing mail. Remote SMTP servers - authentication is now supported for some ISP's server. The forward slash '/' character is accepted in the user name field for auto-multipop3 entries.
May 02, 2003 JMail is entering a new era. It is selling and marketing under a new company, Comtronic Enterprise. This company will be providing full support for all the JMail & JMail Pro customers in future.
Dec 02, 2002 JMail Pro released! This latest release support Multiple Domains, send remote SMTP mail directly (good for customer using Streamyx or TM-Net dialup), support Anti-Virus Plug In and much much more.
May 02, 2002 JMail released! The latest release of JMail is version New forwarding options. Custom header scanning for Domain POP3. Download it here!
Sept 30, 2001 JMail released! The latest release of JMail is version
Sept 6, 2000 JMail released! The latest release of JMail is version
Jan 31, 2000 More Features Added! Take a look at the latest JMail! Now, JMail supports Dial up SMTP (Domain POP), IMAP4, Grouping and much much more!
Jan 17, 2000 New Major Release Announcing JMail More new features included. Check it out folks!
Apr 16, 2000 Mailing List Finally, the long awaited JMail news mailing list is ready for subscription. You will receive the latest news regarding JMail right to your mailbox.
Feb 10, 2000 Jboard Now, Jmail users can post questions and suggestions to the all new Jboard. All postings will be viewed by Jmail users as well as the Jmail development team.
Jan 4, 2000 Jmail 2.0! Get the latest major release of Jmail featuring the ability to run Jmail as a service program on Windows 95/98/NT4.
Dec 23, 1999 Announcing Jmail 2.0 Jmail 2.0 expected to be released by early Jan 1999. The main feature of Jmail 2.0 is that it can run as System Service in MS Windows NT4. Current users are eligible to upgrade to Jmail 2.0 free of charge!


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