(Frequently Asked Questions)

Q. What is the advantage of UUCP account?
A. UUCP account allows you to create your own e-mail addresses. ISP treats your mail account as a single entity, and all the mails that are destined to your domain will be delivered into your mailbox in ISP server. When your UUCP mail server connects to ISP, all the mails will then be downloaded to your local computer. Your UUCP mail server must possess the capability to dispatch the e-mails into individual mailboxes.
For example, all the e-mail addresses in our company are in the form of user@abc.po.my. Here, abc.po.my is the domain name, abc is our user id in ISP and we are allowed to replace the user with any names we prefer.
You may easily realise that UUCP serves as the cheapest solution to corporate Internet mail services with corporate identity binded to the e-mail addresses.

Q. What is the disadvantage of UUCP account?

A. The major disadvantage of UUCP account is that all the e-mails are centrally processed and managed by UUCP mail server. Therefore, it is impossible for individual users to download their e-mails outside the office network environment. To address this problem, JMail provides auto-forwarding feature to forward incoming mail to mobile users¹ POP3 mailbox.

Q. I do not like the company.po.my domain name, can I have company.com.my?

A. Yes, you can have it at extra cost MYNIC will charge additional RM100 per annum for the maintenance of the domain name.

Q. How to apply for a UUCP account?

A. Currently only JARING provides UUCP accounts for corporate users. You can register for a corporate dial-up account and specify the mailbox type to be UUCP instead of normal POP3 type. No additional cost is incurred.

Q. What are the advantages of JMail over traditional UUCP mail server?

A. (1) Speed. JMail integrates a new concept of mail delivery to UUCP service. It delivers outbound e-mails using SMTP server which enables the e-mails to reach destinations in the shortest time. On the other hand, traditional UUCP servers are using batch process, which can sometimes cause e-mails to be delayed for more than 24 hours.
    (2) System Service. JMail runs as a system service which can be activated in the background without human intervention.

Q. Does it work with proxy, Internet dial-up routers and similar products?

A. Yes, it does. JMail can be installed in the single machine with proxy or gateway software like WinRoute, WinGate, MS Proxy Server, etc. It can also be configure to integrate with hardware gateway solutions like WebRamp, Intel Internet Station, D-Link Internet Server, etc.


Last updated 2 May 2003
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